You can have the Christian gifts you want - if you "get understanding" February 21 2014

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Christian gifts in today’s society sometimes feel like they’re hard to come by. Not everyone understands how to find or even recognize the Christian gifts that are all around them. How do you find them? It’s quite easy once you understand how to “get understanding.”


Wisdom is the principle thing, according to Proverbs. Once you get that, you’ll be able to get understanding and appreciate the Christian gifts that are all around you. Follow these six principles to get understanding:

  1. Don’t worry, be happy – Seriously! If you’re doing your best, you have to trust in your faith and know that you will be rewarded.
  2. Don’t hurry – Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity. Take your time, do it right, and reap the benefits.
  3. Pay it forward – Have you heard the phrase “It is better to give than to receive?” It actually is quite true. The next time you are in line at a drive-thru, pay for the order of the person behind you. Stop by your local animal shelter and drop off a few bags of dog or cat food. Patronize businesses that also practice paying it forward.
  4. Believe in the impossible – As you think it, so shall it be. What do you dream of doing? What is on your "bucket list" that you never thought you could accomplish? Your faith, your patience, and your confidence will guide you to achieve your dreams, your goals, and ultimately will help you live a more fulfilling life.
  5. Clear the clutter – Put first things first. Don’t waste your time on trivial matters. Focus on what needs to be done, what can be done, and then work to accomplish those tasks.
  6. Remember, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” - Don't think that good intentions are an acceptable excuse for doing nothing. Examine your life; are you a "talker" or a "doer?" Get specific about your diet and your devotions, your finances and your family, etc. According to the Bible, “Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” James 2:17


To get understanding is to gain the knowledge and the wisdom to find and cherish the gifts that are all around you in everything you do. Practice these six principles and you will quickly learn how to appreciate those gifts along with joy in many aspects of your everyday life.


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